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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

2011 GCM Conference Notes

November 1, 2011, by Rob, category blog

GCM ConferenceBack in September, my wife and I attended the GCM Conference, in Huntsville, Alabama. The conference was presented by The GCM Collective. The G in GCM is Gospel and that’s exactly what this conference was centered around. The entire three days was saturated in the Gospel.

I took notes during most of the conference. You might find some nuggets in them, so I’m making them available for download. You’ll find notes from speakers Jeff Vanderstelt, Drew Goodmanson, Steve Timmis, Jonathan Dodson, and David Fairchild. Click the link below to view the pdf or right click and choose “Save as” to save to your computer.

PDF Link:GCM Conference Notes

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