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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

LifePointe: 40 Days of Prayer Begins

June 13, 2011, by Rob, category blog

Yesterday, LifePointe Church began 40 Days of Prayer. Our launch message focus was Acts 1:1-13. The Apostles had spent every day with Jesus for over three years. They had witnessed Jesus minister, preach, and heal during that time, followed by His crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus spent His last 40 days on earth preparing the Apostles for what was to come. That 40 day period was an “in-between” time for them. They were between what Jesus had done with them before those 40 days and what Jesus would do through them in the time afterward.

LifePointe Church is in that “in-between” period, as well. We have seen Jesus build this body of believers from nothing to all we are today. It’s been a little over three years and we’re here to stay. Now, Jesus is ready for us to make a strong move into the future. Just like the Apostles spent 40 days with Jesus before moving forward, we are going to spend our next 40 days in extensive prayer, seeking His direction for the future. We’re opening ourselves up to Him to prepare us for what He wants us to be. That’s the focus of our 40 Days of Prayer.

This is an exciting time to be part of LifePointe Church! We are witnesses to what Jesus can do in and through us and we can’t wait to see what He will do next.

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  1. Saju |

    Kindly send few insights about 40 days of Prayer in relation to this Lent days starting this Wednesday.


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