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Meals for Smithville Tornado Relief Volunteers

May 10, 2011, by Rob, category blog

As I’ve written earlier, Grace Fellowship Church is serving as the staging area for volunteer teams to Smithville. I received the email you see below detailing a need they have there. This may be something you can help with. I’ve redacted phone numbers and email. If you want to help with this and need the contact information, click the “Contact Rob” link in the menu above.

I received a request this am from the Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Danny C. Burks, for churches, organizations, and people, to volunteer to provide breakfast and dinner (supper) for the folks that have come into our community to help with the rebuilding process.

The meals will be served at Grace Fellowship, a kitchen is provided for any, and all that would like to use it to prepare meals there.

I do know that breakfast needs to be ready to eat at 6:15 am (no later than 6:30 am). The evening meal will need to be ready to eat at 6:45 pm (no later than 7:00 pm). The ideal situation, if possible, would be for the same/group people to provide breakfast and dinner (supper) for the same day. That situation would be beneficial for the people/group to have complete access of the facilities for the entire day. (would not have to worry about getting out of the way of another group) : )

You may contact Bro. Danny at [contact Rob for Bro. Danny’s info]. He will provide the information needed as to how many people are there that need to be fed and any other information that one might need.

The number of people will change, usually weekly, because different groups will be coming and going. Bro. Danny will normally have a count of people needing to be fed (for a week at a time) by late Monday or early Tuesday of each week.

If you have any questions about the number of people or what types of food, contact Bro. Danny.

So, what do you think ?


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