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Smithville MS Tornado Relief Team Information

May 5, 2011, by Rob, category blog

Smithville Mississippi Tornado Damage

At the FEMA town meeting in Smithville yesterday, it was announced that the US Army Corp of Engineers will take charge of the clean up efforts in Smithville. They are letting contracts today and hope the clean up will begin as soon as Monday, May 9.

How does this affect volunteer teams wanting to come in and assist with clean up? I’m not sure. I talked with the EMA Volunteer Coordinator and he’s not sure either. He did say he hopes to know more about that by Monday.

If you want to find out more about volunteer team opportunities, you can contact the EMA Volunteer Coordinator. His name is Butch Steele and his number is (662) 213-2658. DO NOT contact him before Monday. He will not have any new info until Monday. And remember, this man is very, very, very busy. You may not get a response when you call. Be patient and leave a voicemail. If I find out more info I will post it in the comment section below.

As for as I know, at least for this remainder of this week, volunteers can still go into town and assist at different locations. FEMA and MEMA are coordinating these opportunities. Their instructions are to go the the Smithville High School baseball field and check-in with them. They will then assign you to a location to serve. The check-in point is on HWY 25 north (click for map). The best way to find this location is to go to one of the checkpoints coming into Smithville. These checkpoints are manned by Mississippi Highway Patrol. Tell them where you’re going and they will give you directions.

If you have more info, updated info, or new info, please let me know. Use the comment form below to leave that info.

See my previous post for local contact information and needs. The comments also have information. Find that page here: Smithville MS Relief Effort Update.


  1. Rob |

    I received this update from Sav-A-Life at 1:16pm, Thursday, May 5.
    Update from Dana at Sav-A-Life: We need deodorant, shampoo, all hygiene products, wash clothes, all purpose cleaner for kitchen and bath,dish detergent, scrub brushes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, toilet brushes, brooms, mops, gallon ziploc bags as soon as possible. We have an order for 150 kits of each (personal hygiene and cleaning kits) – called in from Smithville First Baptist Church and not enough on hand to complete at this time. Please bring to Sav-A-Life asap if you can help – please forward to your family/friends to help get the word out. I know that many many of you have given and continue to give, but if you could just help by spreading the word about needs that is a blessing to us! Thank you again! Tina


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