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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Smithville MS Tornado Relief Efforts Update

May 4, 2011, by Rob, category blog

Police car in Smithville, Mississippi in Tornado

(See Comments for Updated Info)

According to reports the volunteer coordinator for clean up efforts in Smithville, Mississippi, has said no more volunteers are needed. If any are needed in the future, the coordinator will issue a call. The clean up is now being done by the US Army Corp of Engineers. There will be a meeting this afternoon (Wednesday, May 4) at 5:00 pm. I plan on attending the meeting. I hope we’ll get some clarity on the volunteer situation. I’ll update here after the meeting. (Edit: If you have more information about the volunteer situation, please comment below.)

Meanwhile, there are still many needs and ways to contribute. Our church has been helping out our people directly affected by the tornado. Those needs will continue for some time.

One of the channels of relief has been our local Sav-A-Life. They are doing an outstanding job. You can contact them at this number: (662) 257-9043. Grace Fellowship Baptist Church has been a hub of relief efforts. You can find them here: Grace Fellowship Baptist Church. A church in the the town of Smithville is right in the middle of the carnage: Cross Bound Church. First Baptist Church in Amory is hosting the Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief Unit. First Baptist also has a web page with a list of needs. There are many, many more churches and organizations helping, as well.

You can contact any of the above for more information. Just remember they are very busy and may not always be available to answer email and calls.

Please continue to pray for everyone. The pain of loss is terrible. But I am seeing Jesus lifted up in a thousand different ways. The loss has been great but our God is greater!

If you have more news on the relief efforts or more contacts concerning the efforts, please let us know. You can use the comment form below to tell us about them.


  1. Rob |

    The Corp of Engineers are going to be in charge of the clean up in Smithville. They are contracting the cleanup out. They hope the contractors can start clean up Monday, May 9. I asked the Volunteer Coordinator what this means for teams wanting to come in and help. He said he didn’t know but hopes to know more by Monday.

  2. marilyn |

    There is a lot of damage in the Wren area. The biggest problem for me is getting large broken trees cut down. We have some help to cut the limbs up but the large trees are broken and still have limbs that are hanging above our heads and very dangerous. We can not try to repair the roof or clear the buildings that were blown down until we remove the trees from the lot. We have around 15 to 20 damaged trees. Just tell us way to turn. My husband is 65 and recently had a stroke. I just want to know if the Corp. of Engineers are going to help. I have no way of paying for the repairs and removal of the destroyed buildings. I have a little insurance but the repair bids are about 3x the amount the insurance will allow. Thank You

    • Rob |

      I’m not sure about the Corp of Engineers helping but I will find out as soon as I can. Hang in there.

      • Rob |

        Marilyn, could you please contact me? I have some information for you. You can reach me at LifePointe Church: (662) 256-4333.


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