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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Smithville Mississippi Tornado Donations

April 29, 2011, by Rob, category blog

There has been a relief fund for MONETARY DONATIONS set up at Community Bank in Amory, Mississippi, for tornado victims. Here is the bank’s address:

Community Bank
PO Box 270
Amory, MS 38821

Phone: (662) 256-8461

Deposit donations may be made and designated to the TORNADO RELIEF FUND.


  1. Rob |

    FYI, Amory, where this bank is located, is only a few miles from Smithville. Amory is the nearest town to Smithville. Some of the bank’s employees live in Smithville. Just adding this to make sure you understand any donation through this channel will get to the people needing it.

    • kayla phelps |

      i had a small buisness in smithville ms that i just started in jan. 2011 i took everything i had to get it started and lost it all in a matter of seconds sba and fema said they couldnt help me i cant find anyone who can . dont know if you could or not but thought i would give it a shot anything would help. the only reason im in desprate need is because i have no income and i have a 2 month year old and a 8 year old it just hurts to know that i cant do for them like i should i had to move back in with my parents do to me not being able to pay rent but making a long story short please if any way possible i would be very appreciative if you or any one you know could help. the churches are very helpful on food and supplies but that cant pay rent or medicine or gas to get my kids to the doctor thank you so much. god bless

  2. Kyle E. Estep |

    I’m on staff at Celebration Church in Shreveport, La and we are trying to find a church or Pastor in the Smithville area that needs help cleaning up and rebuilding a house or work on a church. I believe we can send a crew over for at least 5 days. if you have any info please contact me.

  3. Colleen Conger |


    It’s a weird thing to find someone that lives in the same town as you do on the world wide web, but alas, here you are after a google search on the Smithville, MS tornadoes.

    I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have setup a website to help the survivors of the Smithville, MS tornado (and for anyone in the surrounding areas that need help) at http://www.helpsmithville.com. We also have a Facebook Page setup at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Smithville-MS-April-27-2011-EF-5-Tornado-Recovery-Effort/105118166241490 if you want to see if you can connect with anybody wanting to make contact with another church to arrange for donation drop-off or specific needs.

    I’ll have to come over there and see you one of these days and introduce myself. Thanks for everything you are doing!

    Colleen Conger
    Amory Photo & Design / Digital Photo & Design
    212 Main Street North
    Amory, MS 38821

    • Rob |

      Wow is right, Colleen! Thanks for letting us know about your relief efforts. It’s been fantastic to see the community pull together in this tragedy. I’ll keep a check on your activities. Maybe we can work together soon. And we’d love to have you come over and see us sometime!


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