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April 25, 2011, by Rob, category blog

Launching Missional CommunitiesOver the past few months I’ve become really intrigued by the concept of missional communities. One of the guys I’ve found that helps me better understand the missional community idea is Mike Breen. He has been forming and leading missional communities for quite a while and his blog has some really good information.

Another guy I’ve just discovered is Alex Absalom. I found him through Mike Breen’s blog. Alex has been involved in some of Mike’s work, particularly in England.

Mike and Alex have written a new book together that I’ve just got in this weekend. The book is Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide. I’m looking forward to reading it this week and learning more about the possibility of missional communities tied in with our church. The book is available from 3DM Ministries, a resourcing and coaching ministry that I believe both Mike and Alex are involved in.

I’m always looking for new resources to better understand and, possibly in the future, launch missional communities. Have you found some good resources on the subject? Do you know people or churches that are actively involved in missional communities? Where would you steer me next?


  1. Ryan Tate |

    My church just recently launched MC’s this winter. We basically took our small groups and gave them a focused mission, vision, and leadership. We are in our infancy stage with MC’s but have high hopes for them. We quickly realized that it all starts with accountable, shepherd-minded leaders who are sold out for the gospel and making disciples. Without that type of leader, an MC will have no mission.

  2. Rob |

    Good advice, Ryan. What initially led your church to move toward MC’s? What resources have you found that helped you make your move? What was the transition time frame?


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