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Rob Westbrook

The Story: Now an iPhone App

April 23, 2011, by Rob, category blog

View The StoryLast month I wrote this post where I linked to several online resources to aid online evangelism. One of those resources is a gospel presentation called The Story. The Story also allows you to link to the presentation via tracking code, so that you can view stats on the number and location of those viewing through your link. I really like the attractiveness and content of The Story. Printed copies can also be ordered, with the same content as the website. It’s a great resource.

Now, The Story is available as an iPhone app. The presentation has been reproduced exactly as it’s found on the website. Instead of carrying tracts around, you have one as close as your iPhone. In fact, there’s an extended “conversation tool” included, as well. You can log in to the same account as your website presentation. And the views from your iPhone are included in the stats.

I highly recommend The Story, both the web app and the iPhone app. With the iPhone app, we now have another tool in our evangelism toolbox.

View The Story Presentation
Get your The Story Account
Get the iPhone App

So, what do you think ?


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