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The Gospel of Praise

April 16, 2011, by Rob, category blog

PraiseI’ve started reading Thirty Years That Changed the World by Michael Green. The book focus is on the people mentioned within the book of Acts. The second chapter is called Luke and His Friends. There are some great quotes in this chapter. A couple of paragraphs discuss praise:

Luke…wrote the Gospel of praise. The phrase “praising God” comes more often in Luke’s writings than in the whole of the rest of the New Testament. There are three main words which he uses. One is to “glorify”, doxazein. It means to let the light of God be reflected in the situation and, if we recall the Hebrew background of the word, to allow its “weight” to make its own impact for God. We find it used most commonly after healings, when people glorified God. Another rather general word is ainein, to lift your heart in praise and worship to God. The third word is eulogein, to speak well of God. It means that we often cry out, “Lord, I love you. You are wonderful!” Luke’s Gospel begins and ends in the temple with people praising God (1:9; 24:23), and that atmosphere is carried through into Acts.

There is a tremendous power in praise: we often rob ourselves of its potency because our offering of praise to God is too contingent on how we feel, or on our circumstances. We do not sufficiently honour Him for who He is and for His astounding mercy to us in adopting us into His family. A church where praise is a way of life is a church that exhibits the beauty, and the impact, of the Lord.

Thirty Years That Changed the World by Michael Green.

How’s your praise? Is praise a way of life for you and your church?

(Image from http://therealmimi.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/day-19-a-time-to-praise/)

So, what do you think ?


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