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Rob Westbrook

You: Online Missionary

March 31, 2011, by Rob, category blog

The world is as close as your web browser. Today, with just one message, there is the potential of millions receiving that message almost instantly.

What if that message included the Gospel of Jesus Christ? That would make you a missionary to the entire world, right from that seat. Never has the world been so accessible to us. With technology, there is no limit to the people we can connect with, right now. So how can you leverage that potential?

There are many websites that provide you the tools to be an online missionary. I want to list just a few that will get you started.

  • yesHEisyesHEis – yesHeis provides culturally relevant videos that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, or any of your social networks. These videos can be used to start or enhance discussions with people who have concerns about Christianity.
    Find the site here: yesHEis
  • The Web Evangelism Guide – I’ve been following this site for many years. They provide good, simple tools for your online missionary efforts. Their monthly email newsletter is a subscription must. Their newsletter first brought my attention to the above site, yesHEis.
    Find them here: The Web Evangelism Guide
  • Internet Evangelism Day – Internet Evangelism Day is coming up the last Sunday in April, which will be Easter this year. This site is part of the Web Evangelism page listed above. You can learn more about how you can participate in Internet Evangelism Day, and interact with others throughout the year, at this site.
    Find them here: Internet Evangelism Day
  • The Story – The Story is a great Gospel presentation that you can link to and embed in your church website or blog. The Story provides tracking information, so you can see how many people view your page and their reactions. I love this presentation. You can also get printed copies of The Story. Our church uses the printed copy to include in our welcome packs for 1st time guests.
    Find The Story Here: The Story

This is just a very small sampling to get you started. What are some websites you’ve found that help you be an online missionary?


So, what do you think ?


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