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Rob Westbrook

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March 29, 2011, by Rob, category blog

Basil the Great

Basil the Great

The past couple of weeks I’ve been going back into church history, reading about the Christians of old. There are many very courageous people in our Christian family tree. Here’s one story I’ve come across:

Basil the Great, a bishop of Caesarea, and one of the “Great Cappadocian Fathers,” responds to Modestus, Roman Emperor Valens’ representative:

“All that I have that you can confiscate are these rags and a few books. Nor can you exile me, for wherever you send me, I shall be God’s guest. As to tortures you should know that my body is already in Christ. And death would be a great boon to me, leading me sooner to God.”

Surprised at Basil’s response, he told Basil no one had ever spoken to him like that. Basil answered, “Perhaps that is because you never met a true bishop.”

(From The Story of Christianity, Vol. 1by Justo L. Gonzalez)

Pastors, how do you respond to adversity? Are you standing true to the One who called you?

(image from http://www.saintbasilacademy.org/about_us/saint_basil_the_great)

So, what do you think ?


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