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Rob Westbrook

You Have Questions? Ask Them Here!

March 11, 2011, by Rob, category blog

You have questions for God?In my previous post, I wrote about how our students at LifePointe and I interact once a month. Each week they drop their questions into a box. Once a month I pull them out to try and answer them from the Bible. The questions are always challenging and force me to dig into the Bible.

I’ve received some feedback about this from adults. Our adults have questions, too. And they’re very similar to those our students ask. In our Sunday Night Prayer and Share, our weekly adult Bible Study, many of these questions surface and we chase them down. But that group is much smaller than our Sunday Worship Service.

So, I’m considering doing a summer sermon series based upon questions adults and students have about God and the Bible. But without questions, it’s hard to build a series.

This is where I need your input. What questions do you have for God? As you read the Bible or hear a message, what questions are raised in your mind?

If you could ask one question, what would it be?

Use the comments section below to ask your question. You can comment using Facebook or use the other comment section below that.

Let me know what questions you have. Just type them in below. And we’ll see how this sermon series takes shape. I think it might be something pretty good.

So, what do you think ?


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