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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Recap

May 31, 2010, by Rob, category blog

LifePointe Church May 30 2010With lots of young families and a holiday weekend, I was expecting our crowd to be slim. And we did have a lot of our regulars out but several new faces were there. All in all, we had a very good crowd. If we ever have everybody show up at one time, we’re going to break records!

Our band was on fire! The stage was full and they really brought it. The rain poured and the thunder rolled the entire service. The electricity flashed a few times and the sound system broke up. But the band was superb. I love when the band brings it down and all the voices in the room sing out. There’s something holy about that.

The third sermon in our series Rooted was The Trinity. We journeyed through the Bible, looking at all the passages related to the Trinity, our one God, eternally existing in three persons. I put a lot into sermon prep and I think it was OK. A difficult subject but one very important to the Christian faith.

Prayer and Share was Sunday night. That’s one place the holiday drop-off really showed itself. But it was a very holy and solemn time. For me personally, we had one of our very best small group experiences. We had some very special people there. There was transparency and sharing of hearts. It was as if God just filled the entire space with Himself. Wonderful time.

I thank God for our church. He keeps bringing more and more of us closer to Him and each other. I see Him working in so many lives. I think the best part is seeing the realization of others when the light goes on as they become aware of God’s work and presence in their own lives. He is good!

So, what do you think ?


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