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Sunday Scoop

May 18, 2010, by Rob, category blog

LifePointe Church May 16 2010Today was a stellar day at LifePointe!

We had another full house and more first time guests than in quite a while. My nephew, Garrett, is about to graduate high school so we did a little thing for him during the welcome. I put together a little video from my sister’s pictures. The video was nice.

Yes, the band was on top of it again. Those guys are on fire right now. Love their hearts!

I started a new sermon series today: Rooted. We’re going to take the summer to look at the basic beliefs and doctrines of our faith. Today we began with The Bible. I really enjoy doing this doctrinally-based messages. I thought the message today went well. I had a battery problem with my mic this morning and spoke without it. My throat is paying the price now.

We had another crowded house of young people. Our children’s ministries are really jelling and it’s showing in our kids.

My wife surprised me with a birthday cake before the service. The LifePointers tore it up! I thank God for another year. I don’t feel any different that yesterday so the birthday must not count.

Now I’m off to our Prayer and Share Small Groups. We’re taking the book of Romans apart, verse by verse. Good stuff.

So, what do you think ?


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