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Sunday Recall

May 2, 2010, by Rob, category blog

LifePointe Church May 2 2010I would say LifePointe Church had an exceptional day today. Despite the rain and forecasts of much more during the morning, we had probably the largest non-holiday crowd ever. I don’t think we’ve ever had as many children and youth as we did today. One of our volunteers with the 5th – 6th grade said there were 25 in their room alone!

We wrapped up our American Idols series today at week 4. This series has focused on those things that can become idols within our American culture. The idols from the last three weeks were money, “stuff” or consumerism, and status. Today we went to Colossians 1:15-22 to find a proper place for our worship, which is, of course, Jesus Christ. I’ve really enjoyed this series, although the preparation, at times, has cut deeply into my own life. I pray that God has used the series as effectively in the lives of others.

I thought the band was above great today. The song selection was on point. You could really hear the voices of everyone in the room, which was so moving. I love being with a group of people who worship without inhibition. Wonderful!

I really needed that time of worship and fellowship this morning. I wasn’t mentally on top of things this morning. I’m so thankful I’m part of a church where my spirit is always uplifted by the presence of God and His people. I love the people who make up LifePointe Church. They are the best.

In an hour or so I’ll head back to our building for our Prayer and Share Small Groups. I’m excited about tonight because, for the first time, we have a small group meeting outside the building. One group will be meeting in a local restaurant for food and Bible Study. I sensed a little apprehension from a few of them but I know the group will go great. I’m looking forward to hearing their reports of how it went. Hopefully, we’ll soon have another group or two moving out and influencing more of our city with the love and Gospel of Jesus.

So, what do you think ?


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