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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Recap

April 18, 2010, by Rob, category blog

Worship Photo 04182010I’ve got to start today’s recap by repeating just how much I love my church! We had a lot going on today at LifePointe and our guys and gals pulled together like I’ve never seen before. The church functioning as God intended is a beautiful thing. For all you LifePointers, you made my day today. I can never express to you just how much you guys mean to me.

We did have a lot going on today. First on the schedule was our worship service, which was so good. The music was just right, as was the band. Bob and I were discussing afterward how the whole service just flowed and tied together perfectly. God is moving at LifePointe and it’s so awesome just to see all the lives He’s changing and maturing.

Our series, American Idols, continued today. We’re talking about the idols we find in American culture and today’s exposed idol was “stuff-ism” or consumerism. The messages for this series have been so hard preparing, probably because they are aimed right at my heart. But I think we’re destroying idols this month and giving Jesus His rightful place in our lives.

Lunch@LifePointe 04182010After the worship service, we pulled out the tables for our Lunch@LifePointe. Our volunteers had everything ready to go and we were eating within five minutes of finishing the worship service. Lunch@LifePointe is always a high point for us. I sat up in the sound booth to eat and just watch everyone else. There’s nothing like food to bring people together. I think that’s Biblical (See Acts 2). As I sat up there watching, I was so proud of all that God has done to form this church of His we call LifePointe.

Our team got to work as lunch finished and transformed our worship center back for a memorial service at 2:00 pm. Our memorial service was in memory of Mr. Charles Standefer. Mr. Charlie passed away Monday at the age of 79. He and his wonderful wife, Dean, have been with us since our first services. In a church with loud music and an unorthodox way of doing church, Mr. Charlie had a ball. He loved his church and his church loved him. God sent several of his generation to LifePointe from the beginning and our church has been richer because of their presence. The memorial service was one of the most moving and authentic I’ve been a part of. His life was celebrated and I think he would have loved it. The worship center was packed, a testimony to the impact of Mr. Charlie’s life on so many. He loved Jesus and his love was contagious. We’re going to miss Mr. Charlie so much but we’re all grateful for the times we shared with him.

We decided to cancel Prayer and Share tonight so everyone could get some well deserved rest. Personally, I’m still battling a bum knee. I’m taking some pretty strong meds for it. These meds led to a few TMI (Too Much Information) moments for me today! I won’t repeat what I said but there were several “colorful” moments! Check back later this week for the video evidence.

Now, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do; take a Sunday afternoon nap. I may just make a night of it. What a great day to belong to Jesus Christ!

So, what do you think ?


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