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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Easter Weekend Highlights

April 4, 2010, by Rob, category blog

God greatly favored LifePointe Church this Easter weekend. There were so many highlights I’m sure I’ll miss something. What a weekend!

LifePointe had its first Saturday night service to start off our Easter weekend. I had no idea what to expect. The service turned out to be well attended. There were almost 100 people present, which would be an average Sunday attendance for us last summer! It was good to see many first time guests for the service. There were a lot of positive feedback from everyone. Could it be a Saturday night service might actually succeed every weekend? Hmm.

Our Sunday service was extremely electric. We put out every chair we had. There were several of our regulars who gave up their seat and stood throughout the entire service. My brother counted 177 people at the service. That’s the largest attendance LifePointe has ever had for one service!

Sunday we continued what I think is a positive tradition here at LifePointe. For the third year of our existence, we again had baptisms. Today we baptized four, including a mother and her son. (You can see a few baptism photos by clicking here) That never gets old! And there was at least one who trusted Jesus for the first time today. We are blessed at LifePointe to be part of a movement of God. These times are so exciting!

Our band was at its best this weekend. For the first time we had a stage full of band! I cannot emphasize how important our band is to this church and God’s mission for us. They are pursuers of God and they use their talents and gifts to bring us all closer to our Lord. A want to give a BIG shout out to the guys (and gal): Bob, Jeff, James, Patrick, David, and Teresa. You guys revealed your heart for Jesus in a big way this weekend. Thanks!

I’ve also got to name some of those who work with our kids and youth. As I said today, we’re not running a baby-sitting service so the adults can enjoy church. Our kids have church, too. And God is most definitely working among them. Three of the four baptized today are the fruit of our young people’s ministry. Some of those responsible for our kids and youth ministries are Tisha, Bryan, Amanda, Mike, Angel, and Scott. There’s also John Mark and Lauren. And many others volunteer every Sunday to make our church the place for kids to come and know Jesus. Great job!

Final words: wonderful weekend. Two services, four baptized, at least one decision for Christ, a total of 272 people in attendance, and a Lord and Savior worshiped and praised. Thank you Jesus for your mercy, grace, and favor!


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