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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Helping Amory and Monroe County

March 11, 2010, by Rob, category blog

Amory MS sign on HWY 25 s

I’m looking for some feedback for a project I’m starting. If you are a current or former resident of Amory, Mississippi, or Monroe County, Mississippi (Aberdeen, Hatley, Smithville, Nettleton, Hamilton, or anywhere else), could you help me out? I’m hoping that you guys will help me out by giving me your feedback on the following questions:

  1. The single most urgent need we have in our community is: [fill in the blank]
  2. If someone could do just one thing that would most help our community, it would be: [fill in the blank]

Leave your answers below in the comments section. Just number them 1 or 2 for each question. If you want, leave any other comments you might have related to these questions.

Also, please share this page with all your local friends. Email them the link, tweet it, and put it on your Facebook. You can use the “Share This Post” button just below to do that. I really want to get as much input as possible, so helping me share this page will be fantastic.

Thanks! I’m can’t wait to see what you have to say.


  1. Rob Westbrook |

    Just type your name and email address in the appropriate boxes. If you have a website type the address. Your email won’t show. You can use your full name, initials, or first name if you want.

    Answer like this.

    1. Most Urgent Need: [and add your answer]

    2. One Thing: [and add your answer]

    The answers you have are very important for my project. Thank you so much for taking the time to give yours.

  2. karla palmer |

    help feed the hungry and offer financial assistance with utilities bills since so many people do not have jobs

  3. Bob Ludwig |

    This may not “The most urgent need”, but I think it is a ministry that would allow us to offer real practical help to people while demontrating the love of Christ. There are many who unable to do basic chores around their home such as yard work, painting, cleanup etc. Some tasks may require a lot of work or skill on our part, and others may be very simple. I know an old man who was having trouble getting around in his house at night because there were light bulbs in the ceiling that needed changing. He was afraid to stand on a stepladder because he may fall and break a hip! The people needing help would include sick, disabled, elderly, single mothers etc. Some will ask, “Why are you helping ME? You don’t even know me!” A pefect, open door to share the reason we are compelled to follow the example of love and compassion that Jesus showed us. When is said & done, the “most urgent needs” for each one of us are always spiritual.

  4. Cynthia Ray |

    1.I have to strongly agree with Mr. Bob on his views and ideas. We see this far to often in our communities. We don’t realize that some of our handicapped or elderly may not have the support of friends and family that so many of us may take for granted.
    2.One thing that I thought would be a center for teens and adolecants to have to be available for array of things. Our children today are lacking support and sometimes more. This is not just happening in Monroe County, but worldwide. More and more are getting into trouble, commiting crimes, substance abuse, and much more. They are just wanting to be recognized and their voices heard without being judged. Who better than a wonderful, loving church family to do that. They need the trust that a Christian Mentor could give them and know that Jesus did everything for them and it’s okay to not be perfect.

  5. Carol Krieg |

    OK….had a hard time doing this one. I highly agree with Bob but…..we need jobs in Monroe County. We all know that high unemployment rates are connected with higher crime rates. People will move away if the crime becomes out of hand. This is really tough….the county is in great need of several things. Ministry is defintely one of them. Going to go on to second question….before I get long winded…(me…long winded??)
    We need Monroe County to come together and praise God! No matter who you are…Jesus saves!!!!! I like Cynthia’s answer….the youth are our future leaders. They need spiritual guidance. Who better than to teach and minister to them but us….now….before it’s too late. A revolution is brewing….yes…a christian revolution. We need to make it happen. God is awesome, powerful, almighty and miracle worker!!!

  6. tisha |

    Rob – as you know i have been kinda out of it, or mind, or something. I just now saw this. I agree with everything everyone is saying. Mainly – God is needed in our city, places people work and especially our schools. Stepping out on a limb here – God is needed in more homes! Of course my heart is with the kids and youth so after reading the previous things posted my first thought was – LifePointe Resourse Center for kids – minister to them( bible study, music, homework) and have them minister to community (like changing light bulbs e.t.c.) That could make some changes!

  7. Jeff Sanders |

    Answer to first question: We need a “non-denominational” christian outreach for our youth. Maybe a place for them to go after school and hang out, do homework, or just talk to someone about problems they feel they can’t discuss at home. Provide mentoring and a place for refuge and even worship that doesn’t involve any sort of peer pressure. I say “non-denominational” because too often different denominations get too involved in trying to prove each other wrong and let religion stand in the way of christianity. By making it “non-denominational”, you eliminate the possibility of someone avoiding the ministry becasue they view it as a recruitment tool. Maybe even have it in the form of a coffee shop and provide free wi-fi for laptop computers.
    Answer to second question: PRAY FOR REVIVAL!!!!!!!!

  8. Jodi Ross |

    Jeff took the words right out of my mouth!! So this will be basically what he said lol. First Question: We need a place for youth to go and not recieve judgment by people. I was a teen just a few years ago and I remember well how it was. As a teen when you don’t feel that you recieve love and happiness, you go seeking it somewhere else such as drugs, alcohol, or through a boyfriend or girlfriend. You keep trying to fill that absence within yourself with those things and it will NEVER get filled until you come to Christ. So answer to second question is that we need to show the LOVE of Christ through our actions and words and be there for one another. We need to show that to the youth and show them that most adults aren’t the bad guys and that we understand because we’ve been there ( even though you have some adults that is anti-youth and think that the country is going to crap because of the youth…….dont get me started on that bull!)


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