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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Sunday Recap

March 7, 2010, by Rob, category blog

LifePointe Series: Sent We are having the best weekend weather we’ve had down here in Mississippi since last October. And we could tell it with our attendance today, which was probably at its lowest in six months. But we still had an amazing service.

We began our new series for March: SENT. I think this will be one of those series where we look back someday and see it’s where God began a new work in our lives. I’ve been anticipating this series since December. God is a sending God and He’s sent us to be missionaries right where we’re at. We’re stretching and challenging our idea of church, community, and kingdom.

I can’t say enough about all our volunteers and teams. They keep stepping it up. I love our people. They are committed to seeing Jesus lifted up. I’m honored to serve alongside these guys. I sat around with the band after the service. These guys are the real deal and they encourage and inspire me. It’s easy to see the where the weakest link is: me.

For you who read this blog, I want to ask you to pray for us at LifePointe. We are seeing God do some fantastic things. Lives and families are being transformed. Life transformation always attracts the negative attention of the enemy. There is enormous spiritual warfare going on around us. Nothing is blowing up or anything, but some of our folks are experiencing spiritual warfare firsthand, some for the first time. We are standing together on the Rock. Pray that we’ll keep our eyes on Jesus. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!”

So, what do you think ?


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