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Rob Westbrook

Velocity 2010 Summary

March 5, 2010, by Rob, category blog

Last Monday and Tuesday, several of us from LifePointe Church made the trek to Cumming, Georgia, for the Velocity 2010 Conference. Velocity was presented by churchplanters.com and hosted at Mountain Lake Church.

Instead of giving you a play by play, I’ll give you a summary of what moved me most. While all sessions and speakers brought something to the table, the two most significant times were the sessions by Alan Hirsch and Rick Warren.

While I had heard of Alan Hirsch, I was not familiar with his focus. But from his session, I see that his heart is for recovering the ways of the early church, or, as stated in one of the title of his books, The Forgotten Ways. Alan most challenged my thinking and gave me much to consider for the future.

Rick Warren used his one hour session just to speak wisdom to the church planters and leaders there. All he said was epic. His heart for church planters really shined. I loved listening to him and wished he had continued for several more hours. Rick takes a lot of heat from all sides but he is the real deal.

The Velocity 2010 conference was well worth the time and travel. Just having some of the LifePointe guys with me and seeing them light up was worth it all. I’m looking forward to the conference in 2011.

So, what do you think ?


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