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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Awesomeness

February 28, 2010, by Rob, category blog

LifePointe had another really big day Sunday. Our worship service was so, so good. Our worship band played great but really broke it down and unplugged for “Heart of Worship.” Their rendition was very moving and listening to everyone singing moved me. The presence and Spirit of God was so strong, so real, it had to be a foretaste of heaven.

We finished up our two month series: Church Revolution. I think I’ve seen more growth in myself and the church than in any other sermon series we’ve done. God has really challenged us through Church Revolution and many have responded and stepped up. I look for our next series: Sent, to take us even deeper into the heart of God.

While the adults were in our worship service, our preteen ministry: TweenPointe, was having their own worship service. Tisha Young and all her helpers really put a lot into their service today. Tisha told me that God was in that room, in all His glory. The result: two new followers of Christ and many recommitting their lives to Jesus. All our children’s and youth ministries are top notch, with all the focus on Jesus. LifePointe, we are all blessed to have such wonderful volunteers serving our children.

About to head back now for our Prayer and Share Small Group experience. We are seeing this part of LifePointe’s ministry start to bear fruit. I love being with all those guys on Sunday nights.

I spent last Monday and Tuesday at the Velocity Conference at Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, Georgia. I hope to have a rundown on that great event posted later this week. Check back for it.

So, what do you think ?


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