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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

I Gave

January 28, 2010, by Rob, category blog

I GaveA couple of Sundays ago at LifePointe, we gave all our offering from the previous week back to our people. We placed $10 bills in envelopes and gave every person in our worship service one. There were only two rules: Give the money to someone who desperately needs it and let everyone know the story.

We’ve got a form on the LifePointe Church website to give a report. We also have a page with all the reports listed to read. The stories are starting to come in. You should take a few minutes are read them. And keep those stories coming in. We love to see God working through the generosity of His people.

The “I Gave” Story Form: http://lifepointeonline.org/i-gave/
The “I Gave” Stories: http://lifepointeonline.org/i-gave-stories/

So, what do you think ?


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