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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

The Sum of Your Life

January 20, 2010, by Rob, category blog

Backlight by Csaba J. SzaboI just returned yesterday from a quick 24 hour, 600 mile trip to my former church. I went there to be part of the funeral of one of the pillars of that church. The occasion was sad but also an opportunity to think back and reflect on a life well lived.

As I prepared my message, I thought back over the things I remembered about Mr. Howard Conner. As I was writing these down, two things began to emerge. First, Mr. Howard was never about Mr. Howard. As far as I can recall, he was always serving or helping others. I never remember anytime when he tried to call attention to himself. He spent his life on various mission trips, serving people locally, and devoting himself to the church he loved.

Second, Mr. Howard was all about Jesus. He always had Jesus on his mind. And it was always clear to those around him: Jesus was his life.

It struck me that Mr. Howard Conner’s life could be summed up in these two points: He placed others over himself and he pursued Jesus with all he had. Not a bad summary for one’s life.

Death has a way of bringing focus to the living.

On that day when people are thinking back over the life you lived, what will be said? When the activities of your life now are added up by others later, what will be the sum of your life?

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