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A Review of Green by Ted Dekker

December 17, 2009, by Rob, category blog

book_green The first eight months of 2009 was stressful in so many ways. To find some relief I threw myself into reading some books. After four or five years of reading church planting and church growth books, I moved to another genre for my stress relief: Christian fiction. In the past I’ve read very little Christian fiction, but my short employment with LifeWay helped me learn some of the authors of the genre. And one name I remembered was Ted Dekker. I also remembered he wrote some books about colors! So I started the Black, Red, and White books, the Circle Trilogy.

The entire series revolves around the character, Thomas Hunter. Somehow Thomas is caught between two worlds. When he sleeps in one world, he’s active in the other. And his activities are vital to both worlds.

I started on these books and got lost in them quickly. I read the entire series, three books, in about 2 weeks. Great series but I thought I had read the last of Thomas Hunter. The trilogy was complete.

A few months ago I learned that Dekker was adding a finishing touch to the series, with the book Green. I got the book as fast as I could, soaked it up, and, now, I can say the series is finally complete.

In Green, Dekker takes the reader into more darker parts of Thomas’ life than the previous three books. There are also some very bleak characters. But the story is still fantastic, with some turns you might not expect, and an ending that’s going to mess you up. That’s all I can say!

nelson_bloggingIf you’ve read the first three books but haven’t gotten to Green yet, you won’t be disappointed. And if you haven’t read any of the books in this series, don’t start here. Go back and start with Black, then Red, then White. Green won’t make much sense without reading those first three.

If you don’t think much of the Christian fiction genre, just take a few weeks to read this series. I think you’ll change your mind. I did.

So, what do you think ?


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