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Rob Westbrook

Quick Sunday Summary

September 13, 2009, by Rob, category blog

I am exhausted so I’ll make this a quick summary.

What a completely awesome day! We launched our new series, ReThink Church, this morning. We talked about, and practiced, CELEBRATING. I think we shook some items off the shelves of the Dollar General store next door. Really great service. Already gearing up for next week: CONNECTING.

Everybody converged at my house this afternoon for our cookout. The weather was iffy, but things couldn’t have went better. I don’t know about everybody else but I had a great time. I grilled a bunch of hot dogs, polish sausages and hot sausages. We had all kinds of food and bunches of desserts. The football field I mowed in our pasture was worn out after all the football, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee. There were a few catfish caught, too. A few times I quietly slipped off alone just to take in the picture of all our guys and gals enjoying their time with each other. Moving.

I’ll have some pictures later. If you were there and have some pictures or video, send them to me so I can include them.

Don’t forget that our sermon series for October is Parenthood and you need to start thinking of the three people you’re inviting for that series. It’s OK to invite them for this series, too!

I’m about to drag myself to bed. Totally beat but couldn’t be happier about what God is doing in LifePointe Church! Thank you, Jesus!


  1. tisha |

    the football field isn’t the only thing worn!
    I know of several adults whose muscles seem to be worn for some odd reason!

    • Rob Westbrook |

      Yep. All in all it wasn't too bad a day. Only one trip to the emergency room and an old codger (Drew) tore a muscle in his leg! We've got some VERY competitive 'Pointers.


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