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Rob Westbrook

Great Easter at LifePointe

April 15, 2009, by Rob, category blog

We had a fantastic day LifePointe Easter Sunday. For the first time we had two Sunday morning services. The first one began at 8:30am. I expected that service to be the lower attended of the two, which it was, but we still had at least 75 present (my brother Jeff counted and he’s always pretty accurate). We also had our first baptism of the day in the first service.

In between services there was a breakfast buffet served and it was way good. The second service was threatened because of the band and preacher’s overeating!

The second service began with two more baptisms. There was a different vibe in the second service. I think the first service fired us all up for the second and it just rolled well. Again Jeff counted at least 130. There was definitely some overlap with people serving the first service and participating in the second, but the final count is in the 205 area, by far our largest Sunday worship service crowd.

I’m so proud of all our volunteers. We had many step up and serve, some serving in some capacity, such as our KidzPointe, for both services. The cooks, the greeters, the nursery, the LittlePointe teachers, the band, everyone really poured into this service. Thanks to all you guys for everything.

For the first time we did some direct mailing to promote our Easter service. We mailed 2000 postcards in our particular zip code. We got around 150 back or failed to get out. Our average attendance is in the 120 range. We had 85 over our average. That would be a conversion rate of 4.5%. Not bad. In addition we had 1000 personal invitations, business card-sized cards matching out mailer. These were used by our guys as personal invites. No matter the conversion rates or effectiveness, we had many new faces in the crowd and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed and heard. Now we see if the real “conversion rate” happens, those who come to Him.

Below, you can watch our Easter service. This is the second service, with the baptism from the first service edited into the beginning. We’re still working on camera placement and blurriness. But it’s watchable. Watch the video and enjoy a Sunday service at LifePointe!

So, what do you think ?


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