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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Sunday Update

January 13, 2009, by Rob, category blog

Worship Service at LifePointeOver the past month or two I’ve quit doing the Sunday rundown or update. Frankly, I ran out of superlatives. Great, awesome, fantastic; all nice words to use but lose there meaning after a while. So I plan on giving updates only when I feel something great really does happen.

Like Sunday.

I don’t know what it was (yeah, I do, God!) but we probably had the most first time guests in our service in months. And the service went very, very good. I think we had kind of drifted a little bit with our worship service, so we tightened it up Sunday. So good. And the final song, well, you just had to be there. It was, can I say it, awesome. We had a good response at the end of the service.

I think we got back into the groove Sunday. We’ve got to keep our focus on our reason for the Sunday service: a safe place where people can forget there troubles, worship the Lord, hear from the Lord, and hopefully for some, meet the Lord.

So, what do you think ?


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