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Rob Westbrook

A Pastor’s Appreciation

November 3, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Today LifePointe surprised me with a gift for Pastor’s Appreciation. I originally had this in the Sunday Rewind post (see below), but thought it important enough to warrant it’s own post.

When I was presented with the gift, I took time to show my appreciation to the one who may be behind the scenes, but without her, LifePointe doesn’t happen. Teresa, my wife, has followed as I’ve chased the will of God and these outlandish dreams He’s put in my heart. She’s held me up when I’ve been down and put me in my place when I’ve been too high on myself. I mentioned about Teresa something I heard Perry Noble say about his wife. Teresa has a unique calling nobody else at LifePointe has and God doesn’t intend for anyone else to have. She has the calling to be the pastor’s wife: my wife. Only a few people know the burden a pastor’s wife carries: other pastor’s wives. It’s a thankless, heavily scrutinized, sacrificial calling and only those who have full confidence in Jesus Christ survive. My wife survives with flying colors.

There’s also another lady behind this pastor, my daughter, Lauren. She’s been dragged all over the south, going to four different schools before graduating high school. She’s made friends and also said good-bye to friends. She’s left high school during the first week of her junior year. She hasn’t followed a dream, she’s part of the dream. Teresa and I could not ask for a better daughter. Through all the good times and the bad, her faith in God or her dad has never wavered. Wish I could say the same.

In the good times and the bad, the pastor always receives either the praise or the panning. But there’s always a wife and possibly children behind the scenes. The praise gives them joy and encouragement and the panning stings and rips them up. My wife and daughter have felt it all. And they’re still here, still pouring out their lives to the church, still standing faithful, still sacrificing family time, still making hard decisions most families will never face and never know, all for a greater purpose, the purpose of furthering God’s Kingdom. That’s my family. That’s my wife. That’s my daughter.

So, I’m turning the tables. Today I’m declaring Pastor’s Family Appreciation Day. I appreciate you, with God’s help, making me the pastor I am today. I love you.

So, what do you think ?


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