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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Local Church Planters Gather

November 1, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Church PlantingThursday we had a little gathering at LifePointe for some of the area’s church planters. Within a 50 mile radius of Amory, there are probably 5-10 new church plants less than 3 years old. Of those, we had people from three at our lunch. Since this is Amory, I, of course, fed them lunch from Bill’s Hamburgers. You can never go wrong with a Bill’s Hamburger! We had a good time. It’s always good to get together with guys who are, or have been, in situations unique to ours. In this area new contemporary churches are a fairly recent phenomena. Most church planting advice and info is geared toward those planting in more urban areas. So we’re all at the experimental level for our less urban area. We’re learning as we go so I’m big on sharing info. I hope that some type of loose network will form between these new churches for that purpose. I think this first gathering was a positive step in that direction. If you’re a church planter in the north Mississippi region, whether you’ve launched or just considering the option, drop me an email or comment here. I’ve got another gathering planned for January and I would love to have you attend.


  1. Rob |

    Did you not get it? You’ve probably got my email set up in your spam filter! You’re invited to the next one, yet to be scheduled, but in January. The Bill’s Hamburgers got killed! Church planters are a hungry lot.


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