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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Revisited

October 30, 2008, by Rob, category blog

LifePointe Worship Band - Sunday - October 26 2008 Sorry for the late, very short update. This week has been crazy busy. LifePointe had yet another fantastic service Sunday! I took this picture about 1/2 way into the worship time. God is definitely working in hearts here, with mine being one. The band knocked it out of the park. The message was challenging to deliver and I hope challenging to hear. Not sure of the final attendance but it was probably a bit higher than the two month average.

I’m really busy with some major stuff, plus trying to get everything in place for the two weeks I’ll be in Africa. Frank Vaughn will be speaking during the November 9 and November 16 services. I’ll be the second best Sunday morning preacher when I return! Frank’s great and you need to be here and hear what God has to say through Frank.

I still haven’t really had time to dwell on the Africa trip, but I can’t wait to sit down in that seat, strap on my iPod, and reconnect with the team and those guys and gals in Africa I haven’t seen in a few years. Be praying. We want to make a lasting, eternal impact for God when we get there.

I don’t know how much internet access I’ll have over there, it was limited a few years ago. But if I have any, I’ll post some stuff while I’m there. Twitter will probably used moew so keep check on my Twitter feed at the top of my home page. You can also see more entries on my lifestream page.

I’ve got to get to bed. Pray for me and the team. Can’t wait.

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