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Sunday Thoughts

October 21, 2008, by Rob, category blog

What an awesome day at LifePointe Sunday! This Sunday was the culmination of a week of God’s work in my life, Trey’s life, and others LifePointer’s lives. The Lord had been filling us up all week and it just spilled over Sunday. I don’t think I’ve gone into a week here with such high expectations for a Sunday service.

The worship part of the service was so good. The band did an excellent job. As I’ve written time after time here, the hearts of our guys and gal for Jesus are huge. Talent’s good for show but hearts are what makes worship. That’s why our worship music is always the huge thing it is. Our band just doesn’t lead singing, they lead worship of God. There’s no sense of “look at me” in our band, it’s all “look at HIM!” It’s hard not to be pumped by the time I hit the stage! I don’t see how anyone present can’t have their pulse rate go up during our singing.

My message was “Church on Fire,” coming from Acts 2:1-5. God set that first church on fire and the world’s never been the same. God wants to set our church on fire and Monroe County will never be the same. What do you need to start a fire in a church? A good wind (the Holy Spirit), a flame (the Word of God), and something to burn (US!!). God started a few fires Sunday morning. Great response at the conclusion. Attendance: 112.

Lots going on in the coming weeks. Our first communion at LifePointe will be November 2. Our next KidzClubb will follow that night. Our LifePointe-Grace Fellowship joint concert featuring Seventh Day Slumber, Chasen, and StorySide:B on Thursday, November 6. Our first Sunday morning drama coming up the first Sunday of December. Who knows what else might happen between now and January 1?

For me personally, a huge event is fast approaching. On November 6, I, along with Bob our guitarist, board the first of a series planes taking us to Uganda and Kenya. I spent part of the day today trying to make sure all my shots are up-to-date. Looks like I got two minor ones to update. I’m so busy I don’t have time to think about or even get excited about the trip right now. But a glance at the calendar quickens my pulse a little.

I want to ask a favor of all you die hard readers (all 3 of you). Please pray for LifePointe Church. The future is so bright for us right now. God is breaking through. I’ve seen so much growth and fire in our people in the last two months we no longer resemble the LifePointe of four or five months ago. Any Sunday now, I’m seriously expecting God just to blow this place wide open. I seriously go into each Sunday fully prepared for God to rip the ceiling off the place. This Sunday might be THE Sunday!

I have two prayer requests of you: one specific and one unspoken. The specific prayer request is for you to pray that God will continue to use The Pointe as a huge beacon of light in our community. The Pointe, our student ministry, is where we’re seeing God move most in our church. We’ve had at least six young people come to Jesus Christ since March through The Pointe and, as a result, their families and friends are now here, too, both Tuesdays and Sundays. Frank, who helped us get The Pointe off the ground, has now moved to Atlanta, GA. We have a great group of adults committed to The Pointe and we have a fantastic group of students ready to bust open for Jesus. Pray that there will be no drop off as a result of Frank’s move. Pray that the foundation Frank laid will provide the basis for an explosion at The Pointe.

With a new church, every decision is a huge decision. My unspoken request for LifePointe is that we always make the correct, God-led decision. Some near-future decisions are somewhat more huge than others. Our GO Team is involved in some potential huge decisions. Pray that God, and Him only, will reveal His will to us in all things.

And, one personal prayer request: pray that I don’t kill somebody soon! 😉 No, seriously, I want you to pray a dangerous prayer for me: Pray that as the leader of the church I never let anyone’s opinion trump the revealed will of God. Today Ric Warren emailed me (oh, OK, and thousands of others) this quote:

“Every day you either live by priorities or you live by pressures. You either decide what is important in your life or else you let other people tell you what is most important in your life.” – Rick Warren

As the pastor and leader of a church, there is always somebody who thinks they have a direct connection to God about my life (why they never get a word from God about their own screwed up lives and actions I’ve never understood). Pray that, by God’s guidance, I will decide what is important in my life and for our church, and act on that. Pray that I just junk all other suggestions. Thanks.

So, what do you think ?


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