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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

A Word About Our GO Team

October 16, 2008, by Rob, category blog

We had our GO Team meeting tonight. The GO Team is our leadership team. Our meeting tonight was the best meeting of this type I’ve ever been apart of. The people on that team are so full of faith and still believe God will do exceedingly abundantly more than we can imagine. LifePointe Church is getting poised to step out in the open air where only God can bring us out. We started dreaming again. Dreaming God’s dreams. We’ve played it safe for too long. We’ve operated within the limits of our strengths too long. We’ve done things that we didn’t need faith to accomplish.


This church began as a dream. It was a small group of people really believing that God could pull this off. And now we’ve settled in to past minor accomplishments. We’re comfortable.


Tonight we took the first steps to move down the road God still has for us to travel. We’re going to shake every door knob and pray for God to open the doors where we need to take our next step.

God began His stretching of our team. We started talking about things that WILL NOT HAPPEN unless they’re of God. We will not be able to accomplish these things in our own strength.

We’re dreaming again.
We’re imagining again.
We’re visioning again.

Look out devil. Look out Amory. Look out Monroe County. God’s got a church on the move that is walking by faith alone. Look out, all you thousands yet to hear of LifePointe or know the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ. LifePointe is coming. We’re moving. We faithing. We’re dreaming. God’s giving us dreams and images of what is to come. And we’re fixin’ to blow the doors off this thing!

Man, I’m not going to sleep for a week! I’m fired up. I’ve got a team of people who aren’t going to sleep. They’re burning! We’re just going to keep burning and people are gonna come to see the fire!

So, what do you think ?


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