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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Summary

October 14, 2008, by Rob, category blog

The Sunday service was wonderful. As has become our norm, ten people in the worship center at 10:28, packed house 15 minutes later!

The worship band picked up the pace and it was so cool. The kids were singing, the students were dancing, and everybody was worshiping. Scroll down and listen to the worship podcast. You can really hear the voices singing out. Trey pulled out one of my favorite songs, “Open Me,” by Shawn McDonald and just nailed it. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about the great worship Sunday.

My message was “Hope.” I used Mark 5:24-34, the story of the woman with the bleeding problem as a jump off point to a determined hope in Jesus. We talked about the crowd that the woman had to break through to get to Jesus. Are we sometimes in the crowd that keeps people from Jesus? Are we too busy looking inward that we miss the hopeless people on the outside trying to get to Jesus?

Looks like the final count is again 125. We’re steady.

We had our Lunch@LifePointe after the service. Good food! Somebody had a dish there with grits, shrimp, sausage, and cheese. Good stuff!

We followed up the lunch with LifePointe Boot Camp, our new members class. I love doing the Boot Camp. It always renews my vision and mission for why God has LifePointe here.

I’m writing this on Tuesday night, just getting in from The Pointe, our student ministry. Fantastic news! Three young ladies gave their hearts and lives to Jesus tonight! Tonight was also the last night for Frank Vaughn leading The Pointe. Frank and his wife, Amy, are moving to Atlanta, GA. How we got hooked up with Frank in the beginning is a God story and he’s been instrumental in getting The Pointe to where it is today. Lots of tears tonight. We’re going to miss Frank. God’s got big plans for Frank and Amy.

It’s been a busy week so far. We’ll have LifePointe Connect tomorrow night and a GO Team meeting afterwards. Then it’s Sunday all over again. Can’t wait!

So, what do you think ?


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