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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Catalyst – Day 2

October 11, 2008, by Rob, category blog

We only got to take in the first session Friday since I had to get back home for a wedding rehearsal. But the first session was awesome.

Tim Sanders was the first speaker. Tim is a former executive at Yahoo and author. His latest book is Love is the Killer App. I really liked Tim and what he had to say. He addressed the social side of leadership and gave some great examples. Very impressed with Tim. I’ll get his book.

The last speaker of session 1, and the last speaker for my Catalyst experience was none other than Dave Ramsey. We all know him most for his financial advice, TV, and radio. Dave spoke on the essentials for leadership. This guy is fantastic. I think he could speak on the intricacies of the DNA structure of a single cell amoeba and nobody would move. I don’t think I’ve heard a better presentation on essential leadership. And I don’t think I’ve been more convicted. Awesome, awesome talk.

We cut out after Dave and hit the road. I’ve got the DVD package ordered so I’ll catch the other guys that way. Really wanted to hear Matt Chandler and Andy Stanley in the last session.

Final thoughts on Catalyst: This is a MUST GO event for anyone in church leadership. Not just pastors or church planters, but anyone in any position of leadership in the church. I so, so wish LifePointe’s entire leadership team, heck, entire church, could have been there. Not just for the knowledge, but for the experience. I can bring back the knowledge to our team but I can’t bring back the worship, the experience, the dynamic that was in that room. Next year’s Catalyst’s dates are October 7-9. Turn in your vacation days at work now. This is one event you have to attend.

So, what do you think ?


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