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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

What Kind of Person Are You?

October 7, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Ben Arment is a part of the Catalyst Team in Atlanta, and also hosts a great leadership blog called History in the Making. He recently posted the above question to his blog. It’s a short blog and I’d like to post those questions here for you to consider.

What Kind of Person are You?

A) Loves to support the influence of others. Would rather be a part of an entourage and play on a winning team… than go for broke and not make it.

B) Lives for your own dreams. Would rather be the underdog and struggle to make it… than be significant by association and surrender your own ideas.

What’s your answer? I’ll give you a few days and then I’ll post mine.

(Thanks, Ben for this provoking question.)

One Comment

  1. Mark |

    A I want to be part of a team but get exiled in my attempts. Taken a long time to be excepted and I don’t have that long.
    B I believe in God and will not stop to spread his word to the world so I built this web site and the hard work is paying off as Jesus is amazing.


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