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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Violence Against Christians in India

September 20, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Our worship leader at LifePointe, Trey, has a friend who is in India. He just got this email from his friend yesterday.

Hello everyone

I am not sure if the media there has kept you all informed about the persecution that has increased here over the last month. The current government has been doing everything possible against Christianity. More than 25 churches have been destroyed and approximately 16 pastors have been brutally killed over the last 15 days. Seven of them were from the state of Orissa and 9 were from our state.

Yesterday our state government met to plan on how to erase Christian institutions here. We have never seen persecution such as this. Many Christians are being forcefully re-converted to Hinduism. Due to threats, we have not had church services in many places for almost a month now. Please pray for our safety as we go through these tough times.

Also, my dad has been in severe pain the last couple of days. The doctor said that the cancer has completely taken over his body and there are not many options left. They have started fresh radiation treatments today. Please lift him up in your prayers.

May we also request you to lift my mom, ******, and myself in your prayers. We are facing pressure form all facets of life right now but, we continue to look unto Jesus and run the race.

you have a blessed day

His Instrument

Of course, this is NOT in our media coverage, at least to my knowledge. I did some digging and found these links that give a bit more information:

Orissa Burning
Gospel for Asia: Orissa Update
Baptist Press: ERLC urges U.S. action on Orissa violence
Reuters: Christians cower from Hindu backlash in Orissa
Reuters: Churches burn as violence spreads in Orissa
Tall Skinny Kiwi: Orissa Stories

I just ask that while we’re enjoying our worship services tomorrow, please remember our Christian brothers and sisters who may die doing the same thing.

So, what do you think ?


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