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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Sunday Thoughts

August 18, 2008, by Rob, category blog

First of all, it was a very busy day! We had our worship service, followed that with Lunch at LifePointe, followed that with LifePointe Boot Camp, and followed that with KidzClubb practice. I was dog tired when I got home and all day today. But it’s a good tired!

The service went really well. As has become normal, at 10:25 there were a handful of people on the worship center. By the end of the first song, it was pretty well packed. We finished with 134 in attendance, including 110 adults. We had some very special guests with us for the worship and our lunch. The Hispanic mission that meets in our building joined us, about 10-15 people. It was so good to worship and share a meal with these guys. We also had Ed Deuschle, the Mississippi Baptist Church Planting Director with us, so we fed Ed, too! The lunch was buffet style, and loaded.

Our Boot Camp was very well attended. I ran out of outlines and people had to share. I thought I was safe with the number of outlines, but lots of interest and lots of people completing our membership requirements. The church is growing!

The KidzClubb is going to be something else. It’s a bit of music, a bit of drama, a bit of comedy, and a whole lot of fun. The practice was great. If you’re in Amory next Sunday evening, 6pm, bring your kids and check out KidzClubb.

Our sermon series this month is Church: Get Connected. Sunday’s sermon was pretty challenging but this week we’re really stepping up the challenge. Looking forward to it already!

So, what do you think ?


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