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Sunday Reflections

August 10, 2008, by Rob, category blog

OK, I’ve got to admit I’ve been feeling a little like a second-teamer over the past few weeks. Our band is definitely on their game and our times of worship have been extraordinary. Today was electric, spirit-filled, awesome, and very moving. From the opening blowing of the shofar by Trey to the final song, the entire service was one of worship: worshiping our God, our Rock, our Sustainer, our Lord, our Savior. When we sang Hillsong United’s “From the Inside Out” I really thought I was going to lose it. I can’t fully describe it. You either had to be there are you’ve GOT TO listen to the podcast, which will be on the church website tomorrow (LISTEN HERE). God was in the house and He ruled it.

Major calls of God in people’s lives this morning and major grace and support prayed for others. I felt so inadequate to respond to the issues I was confronted with. I’ve been praying and will pray now, “God you know what’s needed and, with a shattered heart, I pray for Your intervention, you mercy, you’re grace to wash over those who desperately need you to do miracles in their lives. Father, please don’t leave them hanging but show Your true self to them in the name of Jesus.”

We continued the Sermon series we began last week (Sorry for no update last week. No time to blog last week). The series is “Church: Get Connected.” Last week the topic was our initial connection with the church, a relationship with Christ. Today the topic was “Church: Get Connected – Get Devoted.” We looked at the devotion of the Jerusalem church in Acts 2:42-47 and found to primary themes: togetherness or fellowship, and sharing. It was a challenging, sometimes personal, sermon and I look forward to seeing the results of the Word planted today.

Last week our attendance was 118 and this week it was 129. Great attendance as we move into the typically more attended services of the fall and winter. Out of the 129 today, 98 were adults. That’s one part of our statistical curve that’s definitely trending upward.

LifePointe has quite a few events coming up in the next few months. We’re having “Lunch at LifePointe” next Sunday after the service, showing our Baptist underpinning. After “Lunch at LifePointe” our LifePointe Boot Camp will follow. Our Boot Camp is just our idea of a name for the Membership Class.

The following Sunday evening we’re having our first KidzClubb. KidzClubb is a family worship, learning experience, and fun event we’re planning on doing once a month. As far as I know no other church locally is doing anything like it and we’re praying that it will become another source of reaching out to our community. Tish, our KidzPointe leader, is assembling a team that I believe is going to totally blow this thing up.

The last Sunday of August is a Fifth Sunday and we’re having a Combined Fifth Sunday Service with Grace Fellowship, from Hatley. They’re coming to our place. Our band will play and the pastor at Grace, Danny Carl Burks, will be speaking. We’ll follow that with what else: FOOD!

The band and I have been invited to Gattman Baptist Church, a church in our county, to bring our style of worship and speaking to their Sunday Night Revival. We’re really looking forward to that.

Wednesday night Bible Study will get back in session in September, but with a twist. We’re going to use this semester of our Wednesday Night Bible Study to begin the foundation of our small group ministry.

One of the surprises of our launch and subsequent services has been the attendance of people over the age of 60. I expected some older adults to attend (my parents!) but I really wasn’t prepared by the number we have. It’s a fantastic blessing. Obviously God has them at LifePointe for a reason and we need to minister better to that group. So we’ve got a little surprise in the works for them and it’s gonna be great. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Our Students joined other local churches for a Back to School Retreat this weekend and weren’t back for our service. We missed them. The students and the ministry LifePointe has for them is, as of right now, the source of our greatest inroads into the community. I anticipate that to continue and we envision one day every student attending The Pointe every Tuesday night.

Bottom line on all the above: God is building one heck of a church in LifePointe. If we were an engine, we popping on about 6 of 8 cylinders. We’re working on the others. It still amazes me to think at this time, just one year ago, LifePointe only existed only in the minds of Teresa, me, and a few other crazy folks who actually believed God wanted this to happen. I want to personally thank the crazy folks.

So, what do you think ?


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