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Rob Westbrook

Recap of Last Week

June 25, 2008, by Rob, category blog

I’ll begin this recap with the Area Youth Rally LifePointe hosted last Wednesday night. It was tremendously successful. There were 227 youth and adults packed into our worship center. Another 20 or more stood or sat in the hallway. We put out every chair we had and pulled the chairs from our front tables in. Some stood all night along the walls. The night was fantastic. I really don’t know how many different churches were there but quite a few. The event started with some drama by Grace Fellowship Baptist Church, followed by drama from New Life Tabernacle and Bigbee Baptist. The drama was followed by the LifePointe Band. Rob Savilla led the band and Austin (sorry Austin, forgot your last name) filled in on bass. Adam, Tim, Anna, Chelsi, and Bob, our regulars, filled out the line up. They were on, they were hot, and they rocked the house. The youth stood at the stage and one guy even jumped on stage and did a mosh pit dive. Crazy! Powerful worship music. Our own Frank Vaughn (OK, so he’s not really ours, Parkway, but we claim him) preached an awesome message and there was a great response. It’s so cool to see these kids turn loose and worship our huge and awesome God. One of those nights you can’t forget.

Sunday went well. The band was a quartet, but still, they’re good. Trey and Dalton was out of town and I think Chelsi is still recovering from a bug. She’s pregnant, too. But the music was good. I went old school. I haven’t preached like that in a long time. Our series HOSTAGE entered its fouth week. The topic this week was breaking free from religion. Religion messes up more people and more churches and we’ve got to break free. According to our check in, we had 96 there, holding steady so far in this summer vacation period. Not too bad.

Monday lasted a week. One of our new Christians lost a brother to suicide Monday. 21 years old. Had a 1 year old child. He’d been to a few of our services, even asking off from work to attend one time. This kills me. Did he feel and hear hope? Did we miss it? Was we the last chance and we blew it? I can’t shake it. It hurts. It should hurt.

So we’ve got a funeral Thursday. I’m speaking.

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