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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Rundown

June 9, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Yesterday was one of those days where I just got up on the wrong side of the bed. I guess I was exhausted from vacation, packing to move, and anticipating all that’s coming in the next few weeks. When I got to our building (later than I had planned) I talk with Trey and Bob and they felt about the same as me. One of our AC units was still out, it was 80+ degrees inside, and our monitors refused to display in color. It wasn’t starting out good. The worship team and I gathered together for our normal prayer time right before the service and we asked God to do something. When we finished praying, somebody said look at the monitor. One was in color and the other was trying! The AC still didn’t work. Don’t know what that means.

Anyway, the service went very, very good. The band didn’t miss a beat. I think the message was OK and I’m loving this series: HOSTAGE. The subject was the bondage of Disappointment.

Our nursery is full and our KidzPointe room is full. Great problems to have, but not for too long. We definitely need more volunteers in the nursery and we’re going to have to think about some way of making more room for KidzPointe.

We had a group from a church in Fulton, MS (shout out to Trinity) that leads worship. They came to check out our worship team. That’s just great for a preacher’s ego. They come to NOT hear me! Our worship team is awesome and the word spreads quickly.

At 10:20 AM, I felt sure we were about to experience the dreaded summer drop-off. But as the service started the worship center filled up and we ended up with 106. That’s three weeks in a row of trending upward. Not bad for a new church in the summer.

Our Party in the Parking Lot is coming Saturday, June 28, starting around noon, and the plans are rolling well. We’ve got some great people organizing and planning and the Party is going to be wild. The plans so far include the best inflatables for kids around, hot dogs for 1,000 people, a hot dog eating contest, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Patrick making an appearance, we’ve rented the next door movie theater for free admission, a classic car show and display, and lots of music from local worship groups. We’re cooking for 1,000 and expect at least that many. It’s going to be large! If you live within driving distance of LifePointe and Amory, you don’t want to miss the Party in the Parking Lot.

I’m going to be crazy busy this week and the next. My brother and his family, currently living in the home I grew up in, have bought a new house in Amory and they’re moving this week. My family, currently living in my brother’s previous house, will be moving into the house they’re vacating. That means I’m moving home! Life comes full circle. My brother’s sister-in-law and husband are moving in to the place we’re leaving. All in one week. It’s syncronized home moving! I’ve got a headache just writing this paragraph! So throw up some prayers for all of us. On top of that, my daughter has college orientation and I have to go with her, this week. To add a little more drama, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment for a nagging foot problem that is going to require surgery, and that’s going to be the subject of this visit. Did I say this all happens this week? Oh, yeah, I’m preaching Sunday. Might need to prepare for that this week, too. The Lord is my strength and my Strongtower!

So, what do you think ?


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