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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Rewind

June 4, 2008, by Rob, category blog

I’m writing this from a beautiful cabin in the mountains outside of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Getting a little R&R and it’s been good. My thanks to Tim and Van Watson!

Sunday was a very good day. Our attendance took a nice bounce up, especially considering summer is now here and vacations are going on full blast. Trey, Brooke, and Chelsi were all out of town so our worship band was down to four members but they really did a good job and I believe God was honored. A big thanks to Bob for stepping in as worship leader. Not many five month old churches have two great worship leaders.

We started a new sermon series called Hostage. We’re taking a look over the next few months at things that hold our heart hostage and keep us from being all God wants us to be. A big thanks to LifeChurch.tv for the intro video and graphics.

We’ve got several events coming up that I’m really looking forward to. On June 19, LifePointe is hosting an area wide youth rally. It’s the first event of its kind that we’re hosting and I’m excited about that. The last rally had 130 students and we’re hoping for that many with us.

The other event is Saturday, June 28. The event is Party in the Parking Lot. There will be games, food , music, Sponge Bob, Patrick, and lot of other stuff going on in our parking lot at Glendale Shopping Center. We have a great bunch of people planning and working on this event and it’s going to be great. We’re planning on this being a community wide event and we’re planning for 1,000 people to attend. Mark that date on your calendar.

Well, I’ve got to get back to vacationing. Everyone but me is at the Dollywood water park and I’m headed that way soon. See you soon.

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