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Rob Westbrook

Twitter After Two Weeks

May 24, 2008, by Rob, category blog

I’m really starting to like Twitter. I’m not updating it enough but it’s a really cool tool for “mini blogging.” I’ve set it up so I can update from my cell phone. I can see some potential for use in a church setting.

One of the pluses of Twitter is that you can follow others. This amounts to the software monitoring others you’re interested in and sending you their updates. I haven’t started following anybody else (edit: I’m following one person who never updates! Hint) yet but I’ve accumulated a few. I’m kind of surprised at the “heavy hitters” I have following me. One is MPB, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, our state’s public television and radio network. Another is the Clarion Ledger, the daily newspaper in Jackson, MS, our state capital. Just to suck up, I love the Clarion Ledger! I’m sure they’re getting major breaking stories from my Tweets! Oh, yeah, Missy, I see you’re following me, too. Good to have “worthless” followers. For you thinking that was cold, it’s OK. It’s an inside joke, right, Missy?

Oh, yeah, and that great picture you see of me over there in the right column, where it says “Rob is Twittering”? The one where I look like I’m morphing into a fly? That’s water behind my big head, the Nile River, to be exact. Can’t wait to get back there in November!

Any of you doing the Twitter thing? Let me know. I may want to stalk, ah, um, follow you, and your tweets.

So, what do you think ?


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