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Rob Westbrook

Week Recap Up To This Point

May 22, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Instead of the usual Sunday recap, I’ll cover the week up to this point. It’s been a busy week!

Sunday turned out to be a busy, full day but also a great day. Our worship service went very well. The band was spot on, with some awesome songs and the Spirit was fully in our house. I’m in between series so I got kind of personal Sunday. My birthday was May 16 and caused me to pause and think about where I’ve come from and where I’m headed. I think everyone, no matter their age, can relate to the looking back over their shoulder and also thinking about the future. The sermon was “Between This Birthday and the Next,” using Ephesians 3 as the basis. What’s your plans between your last birthday and the next one coming?

The worship center was kind of bare at first but filled in as the service got going. We ended up with 99. There were, I think, 4 babies in the nursery, which is a very good thing.

Grabbed a quick bite of lunch at my parents and headed back to meet up with our worship band, then headed for Highland Baptist Church in Meridian, MS. Our band was invited to play for a youth thing there. I had a great time with our worship leader, Trey. It was just the two of us for about 5 hours. We saved the world, corrected all the churches problems, and praised the Lord, all from Trey’s car. I’m completely sold on Trey as our worship leader. If the dude couldn’t sing a lick he’d still lead our worship. I wish I walked with the Lord like him.

The band just killed it Sunday night in Meridian. I was so so proud! I can’t believe how much the Lord has blessed LifePointe with this bunch of guys and gals. They played wonderfully, but their heart for worshipping the Lord was just so powerful. I was the roadie, so when they were playing all I had to do was sit back, let them lead me to the throne, and love on the Lord. It was super and the Lord loved back.

In between our service and leaving for Meridian, I got to meet three of the ladies from Landmark Pentecostal Church. Landmark’s church suffered some fire damage a few weeks ago and we’ve loaned our building to them on Sunday afternoons and Thursday nights. God has blessed LifePointe so much in so many ways and now He’s allowing us to be a blessing to others.

Which leads to Monday night. For the first time, a Hispanic mission met in the LifePointe building. There were about 12 Hispanic adults present and the pastor, Gabriel Silvo, brought the message. I didn’t understand a word he said, but I know it came from God. It was so awesome. Seriously, I was praying for an Acts 2 moment. I really believed God would let me hear Gabriel in my own language. I don’t think He did but there were several times when I got it.

One of the guys at the Hispanic service had just trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior the day before. He was a recently retired national Mexican boxing champion and he instantly became my buddy. As a pastor, it’s good to have buddies that can beat the snot out of people sometimes!

Tuesday night was the night for The Pointe, our student ministry. Frank Vaughn has got these guys fired up. The students were sitting in the lobby calling friends and telling them they needed to be there. Isn’t that great? Students wanting their friends to come to church with them. And you know what? Their friends came!

Now it’s late Wednesday night and we’ve just closed out our Wednesday night Disciple Sessions. Over the last 12 weeks we’ve been going through the Bible, studying some major doctrines and other Christian basics. I’ve had a ball. It’s right up my alley. I get to talk theology and I get to talk, period.

Tonight, we dug into some practical Christian living stuff. Some of the topics were living out our faith and controlling our tongue. The last thing we really discussed was money and tithing. We talked about how our approach and handling of money is a good barometer of our commitment (or lack thereof) to God. The discussion was going really well but we needed to wrap up and head home. So we were almost done. That’s when God broke in.

One of our ladies, Pam Woodham, was trying to get my attention. When she did, she told me somebody was standing outside the worship center door. I could see a shadow but that was it. Pam could see more and motioned someone in. A young lady and young man walked in. I think I asked her what we could do for her. She couldn’t talk very well but she said she needed a quarter. I dug in my wallet, intending to give her more but I didn’t have a dollar so I gave her all my change. We all asked them to hang around, that we were going to pray and then leave. They came around and sat down. Another of our young ladies, Courtney Harper, dug out some cash and we gave that to them, too. We prayed, prayed for our guests, and then we all left. But for just a moment, we saw God work right in the middle of all of us. We studied His Word, talking about applying His principles in real life and then He brings real life right into our midst. You couldn’t ask for a more teachable moment. It was priceless. I won’t forget it.

What a week, huh? Kinda makes you think God is all over this LifePointe Church thing, doesn’t it?

There’s more to come. Landmark meets here tomorrow night. And Sunday we have the privilege of baptizing a new sister into the family. We’re recognizing our graduates. And we have a little bit more up our sleeve. If you’ve ever been a part of what’s going on at LifePointe, or if you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS SUNDAY!

Thursday is my day off and I’m needing it badly. Everybody have a great rest-of-the-week!

So, what do you think ?


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