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Rob Westbrook

The Pointe: Our Student Ministry

April 15, 2008, by Rob, category blog

A few weeks ago we launched the student ministry of LifePointe Church: The Pointe. It’s already blossoming and word is spreading quickly. The story of The Pointe is so cool, I gotta share a little about it.

I got an email a couple of months ago from a guy interested in what we were doing. We plan a lunch and eat some Mexican at El Toro’s. Then we head over to the LifePointe campus and end up talking most of the afternoon. This guy tells me that if we would do a youth thing any night other than Wednesday’s he’d lead it. It took me about two minutes to take him up on his offer. We started on Tuesdays, I believe three weeks ago. The attendance has tripled (6 to 18 – hey it’s not the numbers, it’s the percentages!) and I see amazing things already happening.

The guy is Frank Vaughn. It’s not like he doesn’t already have something to do. He’s serving in another area church fulltime, leading a student ministry in another town 100 miles from here, and helping us out at LifePointe. He’s crazy! But he’s also driven and loves students. The great thing is, our kids love him, too. Our goal is to make this a community student ministry, not just a LifePointe Church ministry. Last Tuesday, we had students from at least 3 area churches and I look for that to grow. I think Frank represents the new generation of church leader, willing to erase all boundaries for the glory of God.

It’s so neat to see how God works, bringing willing people together for Him and for His kingdom’s expansion. I’ve witnessed it from the dream stage of LifePointe up to the now, from the core group to the worship to the students, God has brought everything together. I kind of think it’s like God wants us here or something!

So, what do you think ?


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