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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Rewind

April 14, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Yesterday was another one of those “wow, isn’t this awesome?” services. I’ve got to say, our services are exactly as I imagined two years ago, only better. The only thing lacking is more people, but God is bringing them and we’re getting there. I really believe we’re almost at the out-of-control point. The out-of-control point is when God starts moving in ways that are out of our control! Father, move our small minds and little dreams out of your way and surprise us with the power of your hugeness.

Yesterday we moved into our second part of our “Prayer: Live Richly” series. This prayer series is so good. It’s good for me and I think it’s spilling over to everyone else. Our prayer wall is filling up and God is really touching hearts through prayer. I see people moving and being moved.

We were steady, around the 110 mark in attendance yesterday. The key word is steady. Since our launch, we’ve been around the 100-115 mark. That’s really good, as far as new church starts go. But I’m looking for a sharp spike soon. People are beginning to think LifePointe just might be the church for them. And, the relational aspect is really just getting started. Over the past week, I’ve talked to more people about our church than probably the previous three months combined. And I’d say 80-90% of those conversations are directly related to someone attending LifePointe Church and telling others about us.

Our first fast is coming up next Wednesday and this Sunday we’ll be looking at the relationship the Bible gives us between prayer and fasting. For most, fasting is some spooky thing that fanatics do. We’ll try and “de-spook-ify” fasting Sunday. I think if we all go into this looking for more intimacy with our Father and a fresh view of His glory, we’ll be overwhelmed. You don’t want to miss Sunday.

Brooke, who is Trey’s, our worship leader’s, wife, and a fantastic singer, is greatly with child. She’s any day now. Brooke, don’t you dare have that baby anywhere close to a Sunday!

We’re slowing starting to add a little structure to LifePointe. Changes are coming, all in preparation for the growth on its way.

Sunday recap, awesome service, awesome spirit, awesome God!

So, what do you think ?


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