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Rob Westbrook

Sunday Thoughts (and more)

April 8, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Sunday was another great day to be part of LifePointe Church. God just continues to blow into our services and, for lack of any better words, it’s amazing.

  • We started a new series “Prayer: Live Richly.” We’re going to look at prayer from all Biblical angles. The first day went really well. We laid out our goals for the next 6 weeks in our Prayer Experiment: prayer journaling, two times of fasting, and our prayer wall. Everyone received a mini-prayer journal to record their prayers for the period. I made an amazing discovery preparing for this series: every one, I mean every one, of the prayers in the Bible have been written down! So it’s biblical to write our prayers. We’ve got two different times of fasting coming up, a one day fast April 23, and a three day fast May 5-7. This will be something new to most people and I’m praying that God will rock our world during the fasts. Our prayer wall started Sunday and is open for at least the next six weeks. We’ve written the names of people we know who need Jesus in their lives and we’re praying for them. The series started off great and I think it will only take us closer and closer to our Lord.
  • We had a very nice attendance, around 115.
  • I sound like a broken record, but the band kicked it up another notch Sunday.
  • I’m facing spiritual warfare like I’ve never experienced before. I’m hurting and, frankly, I’m sick of it. But I know I’m on the winning side. Jesus is Lord and He is King! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • Maybe that relates to this thought: we are on the brink of this thing busting loose. I mean, we’re right on the edge of God doing big things through LifePointe. It’s imperative that we stay united and on mission and on vision to see God take it to the next level.
  • I’m being stretched like crazy right now and I’m about to apply that stretch to our people in the next few months. We’re going to find out who’s for real! (Are you for real?)
  • I’ve been deleting stuff like crazy from this post! This is the sanitized version!
  • Our volunteers are stepping up and some of our ministries are starting to fill out. For a church that’s basically 3 months old, we’ve got an amazing group of people. I love you guys!

If you missed Sunday, you definitely don’t want to miss this Sunday. See you there.

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