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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Sunday Service Recap

February 26, 2008, by Rob, category blog

The primary thing I want to say about Sunday’s service is this one word – WOW!

God invaded our service Sunday. It was awesome. The place was just filled with God’s presence. For me personally, it was the most Spirit-filled, worshipful service I have been a part of in a very long time. We praised, we worshiped, we prayed, and we committed. What a day.

The worship band was (using a “hip” term) OFF THE HOOK! These guys and gals brought it today. Their heart for worship spilled out all over the service. Go check out our podcast and listen. We haven’t got our recording technique down quite yet but you can listen to both the worship and the sermon.

Our attendance spiked up. When I got up Sunday morning it was raining, dark, and cloudy. I thought nobody would want to get out in that. But we had a great crowd and new faces. We were back in the 110+ range.

Our KidzPointe children are joining the worship service during the praise time. I’m so glad they’re in there with us during that time and I think they really like it, too. They stand in front of the stage and they really get into it. I believe it’s good for the band’s ego as well ;-).

During the month of February I been doing a series “Called Out,” where I’ve been systematically sharing what LifePointe is all about. I’ve covered our purpose, our core values, our vision, and Sunday I covered our strategy. If anybody has been to our services, they know by now what LifePointe is all about. God has called us to be a unique church with a unique purpose. We’re not like any other church in the area and we’re not going to be doing the things every other church in the area is doing. So, it’s necessary to make that our mission clear.

At the end of the service, I asked for commitment. I needed to know that people were committed to LifePointe and God’s unique purpose for us. I also think everybody else needed a chance to make that commitment. So I asked everyone who is committed to stand. I couldn’t really see faces from the stage, but I did see that almost the entire crowd stood. Yay God! And yay guys and gals of LifePointe! With the people God has brought to LifePointe we have the very real capacity to turn Amory and Monroe County upside down for Him! I can’t wait to see what He does next.

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  1. Tommy Mitchell |

    Great news! I feel all the excitement when I read your blog. Keep dreaming and believing HUGE!!! Trust me – not many are willing to reach their community. They talk about it – but never get around to sharing the Good News. You have the best opportunity right now that you will ever have to establish the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as your primary missional objective. Teach your people to live out the mission of God wherever they are – and God will make all of you an unstoppable force. Props!!!


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