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Another Monday Take

February 12, 2008, by Rob, category blog

Yesterday was one of the best services we’ve had, at least in my mind. It was also the lowest attended. Quite a few out sick, including Trey, our worship leader. Rob Sevilla, a great friend of LifePointe, stepped in for Trey and did a fantastic job. The band was clicking. Our guitarist, Tom, is a little bit older than I, but even factoring him in, the average age of the band is about 16! Adam, on drums, is probably 16. Our other Adam, Tom’s son, is our bassist and probably 15 or 16. Our keyboardist, Anna, is Adam the drummer’s sister, and she’s 13. But you wouldn’t know it from listening to them. They are some talented young people. Tim, Anna and Adam’s dad, is our usual drummer, but he had shoulder surgery and is out for a while. We’ve been doing this six weeks now and the band has jelled very nicely. Good job, guys.

Back to the attendance. Counting everyone, we had 105-110 present, with probably 30 under 12 years old. We had the younger ones in the worship service for a while. I wanted everyone to see just how many we have. I gave the little ones a pep talk and they went to do their thing. Next week we will probably bring them in for the entire prasie and worship time. They really seem to enjoy it and I think it’s good to have them attend, at least some part, of “big church.”

I’m doing a series called “Called Out”, looking at what God has called LifePointe Church out for in our community. I covered our core values this week. I’d rather be preaching more pointed messages on the Gospel, but since we’re new, I trying to familiarize people with who we are. Next month, the series is “The Road to the Hill”, following Jesus to the cross.

Something that I’ve (just slowly) noticed since our launch is that we’re not really communicating with our guys and gals. Before the launch we were always together, making plans and dreaming. But since the launch, we’re really only seeing each other on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I think I’m sensing that a lot of our folks feel like they are out of the loop and I’m trying to do stuff without their input or help. This is not good. I’m going to have to work this out. I know people don’t really have another night to give, but I’ve got to figure out some way to get the lines of communication back open. It’s hard to be a part of something and do ministry together when you don’t know what’s going on. I’ve missed this one and now I’ve got to work on getting it back.

I think this is a problem in many churches. You’ve got a preacher screaming to get involved and you’ve got people saying “I want to! I just don’t know what’s going on that I can get involved with!” Another lesson for this dumb church planter – COMMUNICATE!

So, what do you think ?


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