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Things You Might Not Know about Your Pastor

January 18, 2008, by Rob, category blog

What follows is a blog entry from Gary Lamb, (edit: Gary’s website: garylamb.org) church planter and pastor of Revolution Church is north Georgia. Gary’s blog is a favorite read of mine. He lays it all out there and doesn’t blink or back off. He can be controversial at times. Lays it all out there, doesn’t back off, controversial, I like those qualities. So, the following is a blog he posted. For your education and enjoyment.

I was talking to another pastor today and we were talking about some of the interesting things people don’t realize about most pastors in regards to our jobs. The thought stuck with me all day, so here is my ramblings on things people probably don’t know realize about their pastor and his role as the leader of the church.

  • We don’t like everything about the church – I get a kick out of people who always say, “I don’t agree with everything, but….” Do you honestly think we agree with everything happening at the church as well? There are several things Revolution does that I would probably change and don’t necessarily like, but that is life.
  • You would be surprised what we end up hearing – Trust me, I hear just about everything that is happening in the lives of our people. Don’t ask me how, I just do. There are a ton of ways I find out things, but I somehow seem to find out. We have never had someone leave our church where I was surprised. I hear about what is said in Home Teams. I hear about people who leave and keep contacting people in our church. I hear about people grumbling and sowing discord. I just hear things. So don’t act surprised when I came to you about something you thought was a secret.
  • We work more than one day a week – I love people who think the pastor only has to work one day a week. Trust me, a church doesn’t run itself. M-F, we are a business in many respects. There are bills, financial issues, staffing issues, planning, meetings, etc. I love when people say everytime they come to the office we are just hanging out. The reason we are “hanging out” is because you are there and we don’t want to be rude. We are glad you stopped by, but if you weren’t there we would be holed up in our offices doing work.
  • We are willing to lose some people more than others – Okay, I don’t know if every pastor feels this way, but I do. If I have to chose to make a decision that will cause a non-christian to leave or a christian to leave, I will always chose in favor of the non-christian (short of sinning). If a christian leave, I know they will find another church for their family. If the non-christian leaves, I don’t know that they will give church and God another chance.
  • We all really want to be worship pastors – Yes, it is true. I can’t sing or play the guitar, BUT I want to be the worship pastor. I just think it would rock to be the frontman of a band and to lead people in worship. Plus you can dress any way you want and people think it is cool.
  • We don’t do this for the money – I get a kick out of this one. People think all pastors are in it for the money. I guess I missed something, but what money are they talking about? Revolution pays me very well, but I could do what I do here in the secular world and make a whole lot more. Trust me, I don’t do this for the money. If money was what kept me in the ministry, I would have quit a long time ago.
  • We hate when people leave – Everyone wants everyone to like them. I hate it when people leave Revolution, I always wonder what I could have done different to keep them, BUT people leave. We understand that reality and we understand everyone isn’t going to like what we do. It is life. We might sound hard hearted about that, but we do care. However, we have still have all the people who still attend and new people coming in who we need to focus our attention on. We don’t have time to be upset because we are to busy snatching people from hell.


  1. David Jay |

    It is great being able to read these reports on what God is doing. We are praying for ya’ll down here in Neshoba/Newton county.

  2. Rob |

    Hey Bro. David, thanks for dropping by and thanks for praying for us. I hope everything is going well down your way.


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