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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Wednesday Night Mind Dump

December 13, 2007, by Rob, category blog

We had our second Wednesday Night gathering with live worship. It was a great night. Some things on my heart right now:

  • The live band is MUCH BETTER than cd’s to sing with.
  • There was a lot of talent on the stage tonight.
  • There was a lot of hearts on fire for Jesus on the stage tonight.
  • It’s always exciting to see new faces and families join us. Tonight we had two new families with us and I think they would be a perfect fit.
  • This core group is absolutely awesome. They gave us a love offering and now Christmas gifts for everyone!
  • I spoke on grace tonight and then the church exhibited grace to us immediately! I like the way they take the WORD seriously.
  • What God is doing through LifePointe is amazing!
  • I can’t believe that God is letting me in on this!
  • I can’t wait until Sunday morning for our “unofficial” first Sunday morning worship service. For those of you not aware of this, it’s going to be our Wednesday night gathering, only it’s on Sunday morning, 10:30PM, LifePointe Church building.
  • I love these people.
  • I think they love me, Teresa, and Lauren!
  • First Baptist Church, Amory, has come on board as a supporter of LifePointe. An answered prayer.
  • I can hardly wait to see what God’s going to do next.
  • LifePointe is not a typical Mississippi church.
  • I’m glad LifePointe is not a typical Mississippi church.
  • We ran out of chairs tonight. We’ve got a truck load of chairs from West Jackson Baptist in Tupelo, but we haven’t had a place to store them.
  • I hope we run out of chairs Sunday.

So, what do you think ?


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